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Our Price

The price is low, but our power is high. All our servers come with specs that match or outclass other hosts. Payless and leave some hosts in the dust

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Our Features

Our panel is packed to the brim with features, and we’re always working on updates to add new features and community ideas.

Say goodbye to basic stock panels, and say hello to a clean feature-rich experience.

Our Support

Our support team are here to help with any issues or questions. We also have a vast library of help videos and a packed knowledge base

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Alright, let’s get started press on the game you’re looking to host. To see our range of packages and features.

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Minecraft: Java – From $1

Minecraft: Bedrock (PE) – From $1

Garry’s Mod – From $4

Rust – From $10

Valheim – From $6

Space Engineers – From $15

Ark – From $12

7 Days To Die – From $10

Satisfactory – From $12

Team Fortress 2 – From $4

Unturned – From $5

Startbound – From $5

What People Think Of Kinetic

We can put that we’re an amazing host all over our site, but it doesn’t make it true. What makes it true is real reviews, from real clients.
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We’re rated 4.4/5 on Trustpilot.
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Great Host

Very trustworthy and good company, have a lot of experience as they also run their own servers. Recommend especially if you look to acquire a dedicated server.


Kinetic has some of the best support i’ve seen

Kinetic has some of the best support lines i’ve came across, they are quick to respond and they always provide ways for you to troubleshoot issues.

Kyle Mellon


Amazing server. Mod support. Kind support. Cheap server. Amazing performance. What more could anyone ask for? If you want a Minecraft server with utterly no weaknesses, then this is your go-to. Trust me. I would not write this review if I wasn’t majorly impressed by Kinetic Hosting.

Leo Dahlgren

Cheap and Customer support friendly

So far with this hosting, I’ve had no major problems only small ones that were my fault because I had client mods or didn’t have a dependency and they got fixed very fast with their support chat in discord with a bot that finds out your problem immediately and all of this was super cheap would recommend 100%


Great, Supportive Hosting

I’ve hosted a modded minecraft server with my friends through Kinetic Hosting for a few months now and it has great support. The staff is a pleasure to work with and I rarely run into any issues and if I do, the staff is quick to aid whatever the issue maybe. If you are looking to host a server, I definitely recommend to run it through kinetic.

Peter DerHagoplan

Great Support! Best prices

I am glad to find Kinetic Hosting. I had great support for helping me with my server and settings things up when I had trouble. This hosting is truly one of the cheapest and best game hosting websites I have found.


Why choose Kinetic Hosting

Alright, so you’ve seen the games we offer, and what people have to say about us. Let’s find out what helps set us apart from other hosts.


We have no tricks to pull the wool over your eyes, or lies about our server hardware.

 It can be a worry to pick a new host, so we’re fully open with our specs, node stats, and uptime. Everything you need to know should be on our site, if not, just ask our support team anything. We have nothing to hide from you.  

We use our service

One issue with a lot of services, is the people making them, don’t use them.

We use Kinetic Hosting every day to run our online gaming communities. We use the same panel, the same hardware, the same software, the same everything. So we’re heavily invested in making Kinetic Hosting the best it can be.

built for you

Kinetic is built based on our client’s feedback and ideas. We listen closely to what you want out of a hosting provider.

This is why we put time into offering a clean user experience, a panel packed with features you actually want and need, feedback sections on our sites and discord, and an ever-growing knowledgebase and youtube channel.

100% Uptime

None of the 99.99% uptime stuff. We’re here around the clock working to provide 100% uptime on all our servers. Should we worst happen, we’ll compensate you for it and keep you updated.

24H Money Back

If it turns out you don’t like Kinetic Hosting, something about our panel doesn’t feel right, or you think server hosting isn’t for you. No worries, get a no questions asked refund of your initial purchase.

Dedicated Support

Support from people who know what they’re doing. Whenever you contact support, you’ll always get a person, not a bot or automatic reply. You can even get support on Discord!

Advanced panel

Say goodbye to clunky, slow, ugly panels. Our panel offers inbuilt help and tutorials, super-fast one-click installers, advanced user management tools, a smooth UI, and we’re always improving.  

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