Our Price

Oh, snap!

What’s that? You’ve found a host cheaper than us…
We want to make sure we’re the best value you on the market, so please let us know if you find anyone cheaper than us, and we’ll try and match the price.

However, before we go and sulk in our corner over being beaten, we need to make sure of a few things.

The Checks

If you’ve found a host that is cheaper than us, please check a few things first.

Real Company

The host must be a real registered company, not just a random website with no public face behind it. They also can't be a "discord" host.

Extra Charges

Do they charge extra for services we include, such as support, DDoS protection, Databases, etc?


They need to offer the same feature set as we do on our panel. Modpack installers, etc


They need to be offering the same server specs as us, or better. We're not just looking at the RAM number, but also the drive and CPU.

That's a Lot of Checks

Yeah, we know 😀

Our goal is to be the best value. So if someone offers service without basic features and worse specs, then
that takes from the value. 

Also, please never go with a host that is not a real company. You don’t know who is behind them and
what they’re doing with your data.

This Host is Cheaper!
Please contact our support team to let us know.