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Stop paying for resources you can't use

Most providers sell their servers by the slot, you'll see this when they say the player count rather than the amount of RAM the server has. This can mean that a lot of the time you're paying for resources you can't use, and your server is directly affected by other servers on the same system.

Alright, but how you ask? Lets put this into an example... We have 2 servers on one system, both of them have 20 server slots. Now, this all works out fine, providing that those to servers keep functioning like that, with just the 20 slots.

However, one day one of the server owners put some add-ons or mods on to their server, now one of those servers is needing more resources than the other. As the servers are not in their own environment, the server with mods can now take resources for the other server. This can lead to both servers competing for resources and in the end, both servers lagging or having performance issues. Leaving the owners of the server to think this issue is down to the number of mods or players on their servers.

How we fix this issue

All our servers are in their own sandbox environment, meaning other servers on the system can not interact with their neighbours. This is not only better for performance but also for security. We only ever recommend player counts (Recommendations are based off the power of your server, and are there to help you choose what server is best for you). You can change the number of players at any time. With our server, you get to use all the power you're paying for, all of the time. Because after all, why should it be any other way?

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Why do other providers do this?

Simple answer, money. You can pack more servers onto a system if you're using slots, as if two servers on the system are only ever using 10 out of its 20 players, there is then room for another server there.

We would just like to add that not all companies selling slots work in this way.

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