Welcome to Kinetic Hosting

Empower your servers

Our servers come with one of the most advanced panels out there. Don't settle for anything, but the best!

Fast and Reliable

Our panel is based on the fantastic Pterodactyl panel, making it fast, secure and reliable.

Mod Support

Our panel supports all mods, add-ons and plugins for a huge range of games and comes with guides.

Mobile Friendly

Manage your server on the go. Our panel is fully mobile friendly and allows you to do advanced work on the move.


Access and manage every part of your server. From the startup commands to our inbuilt file manager and config editor.

What our panel can do doesn't stop there.

We're always improving and adding more feature to our panel and listening to our customer's feedback.

Based on Pterodactyl

Our panel is based on the Pterodactyl panel at its core. Meaning its, fast, secure and reliable.

Clean UI

The UI on our panel has been designed to allow for quick navigation and laid out so you know where everything is.


Automate your life. Our panel allows for you to schedule server commands without the need for a plugin or mod.

True Console

Enjoy a real-time, easy to use console with full-colour support. Our console has been made so you can read what is going on in your server in real time.

Want to know even more about our panel?

Check our panel guide video on YouTube

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