Cram all your mates in with our uncapped servers

Budget Servers

Starting At $1/month

Smaller Servers ideal for a few friends playing a vanilla or plugin-based server.

Specs & Location

Intel Xeon E5-1630v3 @3.7GHz
DDR4 2133MHz ECC Memory
Unmetered SSD

North America & Europe

Pro Servers

Starting at $2/Month

Faster servers ideal for big plugin-based servers and modded.

Specs & Location

Intel i9-9900K/ Xeon-E 2288G @ 5Ghz
DDR4 2666MHz ECC Memory
Unmetered NVMe SSD

North America, Europe & Australia

Impact Servers

Starting at $5/GB

Ideal for public plugin-base servers and big modded servers

Specs & Location

Intel i9-9900K/ Xeon-E 2288G @ 5Ghz
DDR4 2666MHz ECC Memory
Unmetered NVMe SSD
Dedicated CPU Threads

North America, Europe & Australia

Pro Servers

You can upgrade and downgrade at any time. When upgrading/downgrading all your files will move instantly and automatically for you.
So don’t worry about choosing the wrong package.

1gb RAM

$2 /Month

Ideal for Bungeecord and other proxies

3gb RAM

$7 /Month

Ideal for small Vanilla servers

4gb RAM

$9 /Month

Ideal for small plugin-based servers

5gb RAM

$12 /Month

Recommend minimum for 1.17+ servers

6gb RAM

$14 /Month

Recommend minimum for modded servers

7gb RAM

$16 /Month

Ideal for plugins and small modpacks

8gb RAM

$19 /Month

Ideal for plugins and modpacks

9gb RAM

$22 /Month

Idea of plugins and modpacks

10gb RAM

$24 /Month

Recommend minimum for public servers

12gb RAM

$27 /Month

Ideal for plugins and
big modpacks

14gb RAM

$31 /Month

Ideal for plugins and modpacks

16gb RAM

$37 /Month

Recommend minimum for public modded servers

24gb RAM

$55 /Month

Idea of plugins and modpacks

26gb RAM

$65 /Month

Ideal for plugins and
big modpacks

32gb RAM

$75 /Month

Ideal for plugins and
big modpacks

Have questions?

If you have any questions about Kinetic Hosting, are not sure what package you need, or just want to pop in and say hello. Join our Discord server.

All our Minecraft packages come with these features

Not only do you get a super-powerful server, but you also get all these amazing features.

Support Everything

We support every modpack, mod, plugin, and jar for Minecraft

Plugin manager

Install Paper, Spigot, and Bukkit plugins with a press of a button.

modpack installer

Install all the most popular modpacks with a simple click of a button.

Jar installer

Install forge, fabric, spigot, paper, sponge, etc all from within the panel

DDoS Protection

Keeping you online 24/7 with our free DDoS Protection

Audit Logs

Keeping an eye on your server while you’re not there

sub-user support

Advanced permission system for adding other users to your server

full file access

Access all your files via our panel’s files manager or SFTP

resource monitor

Know exactly what resources your server is using

No Player Cap

Invite all the friends your server can handle 

Free MySQL Database

You shouldn’t have to pay extra for basic features

Free backups

Keep your files and server safe with our free automated backups.

Already with a host?

If you’re already with a host and looking to move to Kinetic, we’re here to help. We’ll get all your files moved over for you, with our free host swap service.

Frequently Asked questions

If the questions you’re looking for isn’t here, please contact us via Discord or support ticket.

What is the difference between Budget, Pro, and Impact?

Our Pro and Impact server have fast CPUs, RAM, and drives. This allows for them to support more players, mods, plugins, and load chunks faster.

Pro and Impact servers also come with free backups.

If you’re looking to run mods or lots of plugins, then we strongly suggest using the Pro or Impact servers.

What does unmetered storage mean?

It means we don’t cap your storage. Use all the space you need, just make you follow our TOS.

You might find out the box your server comes with a 50gb cap. If this is the case, just open a ticket to get it removed. 

Do you support custom modpacks?

Yes, we support everything. Even packs you’ve made yourself.

Do you really support everything?

Yes, everything. All jars, plugins, mods. Even jars, mods, and plugins you’ve made yourself.

Can I open ports?

Yep, you can open your own ports if you need to

Can I change the startup settings?

You can change the startup setting/launch script. Just open a ticket and our staff will apply the script for you.