Our Features

Before We Dive in

This comparison will be comparing our 1gb Budget package to other companies 1gb packages. We’ll be coving what features we think clients care about the most. 

We’ve tried hard to make sure we don’t just cherry-pick features to make Kinetic Hosting look good.


Kinetic Hosting

MCPro Hosting


Apex Hosting

Bisect Hosting







Public Node Stats

DDoS Proection

Unlimited Player Slots

Jar Selector/Modpack Manager

Free Discord Support

Web & FTP File Access

Free MySQL Database

Instant Setup

Plugin Installer

A sea of green ticks

We go back to our overcharged comment. You can see for yourself, that our feature set matches that of a host who charges 7 times the price we do.


How We Got The Data

We looked at a number of hosts when building our table. We can’t list everyone, so we selected hosts to cover a broad range of features.

The features listed are what we feel is important to clients. Some hosts have tables that just list features to make them look good. If you feel we’ve missed an important feature, please let us know, and we’ll add it whether we offer it or not.


What about specs?

Features aren’t the only thing that matters when it comes to servers. The hardware we’re using is also important. After all, doesn’t matter what features we have if your server is lagging really bad.  We made another table (We do love a good table) to show how well we’re doing there too.