About Us

It's nice to meet you!

Hello, welcome to Kinetic Hosting! We think when picking a host, its important to know the people behind it. 
So let’s take a moment to have a quick chat.

We’ve been running online communities for games like Gmod and Minecraft for the past 6 years. With our latest being a Minecraft community launching in 2017 to offer
custom modpacks and modded servers. Over the past 6 years, we’ve built up our experience in running Minecraft servers and steam servers.

We bring all of this to Kinetic Hosting

Our Values and Foundation

We’ve used our fair share of hosting providers over the years. When building Kinetic Hosting, we had a think about what really mattered to us.


Value Customers

Every customer is important to us. You handed over your hard earned cash expecting good service. We will deliver.

The Basics

We think you should be charged for the basics. MySQL Database, DDoS protection, Discord/Ticket support. Is free.


Good helpful support, from people who know what they're doing. Every time you contact us, you'll get a real person, not a bot.


Listening to our customers is important. We're building Kinetic Hosting for you, so we're listing every step of the way.

Say Hello To Our Team

Say hello to our team!


Hi, I'm Chris, but most people will know me as Tea. I'm our frontend dev, mostly working on our new panel and site. When I have the time I also help with support.


I'm Carlton. I deal with daily operations and manage support. If you're looking for support on your server, you'll most likely contact me.


Hello there, I'm James. I deal with high-level support issues. Most of my work you might not see as I like to dwell in the backend of our servers.

Wait that’s not all!

We also have a dedicated support team waiting to help you with any issues.

Want to say hello?

Want to have a chat with us about Kinetic Hosting, or have any questions. Join our new Discord server!