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Years of experience

Our staff team are here to help you out with any issue

Meet our staff team

Our staff team is made up of people who have been working on servers for years, and know what they're doing to give you the best support possable.

Chris Weston

Backend Manager

Chris works on the backend of the servers, improving the panel and working on new features.

Joe Keith

Support Admin

Joe knows what he is doing when it comes to server support, having worked on public servers for the past 3 years.

Justin Florijn

Support Admin

Justin has been working on Minecraft servers for a while now, and knows what he is doing when it comes to mods and plugins.

Atlas John

Support Admin

Atlas will be there to help you with any backend issues on all of our gaming servers.

Greg Barry

Sales Support

Greg is here to help you make sure you're getting the right server and deals with billing support.

Built by server admins

We started Kinetic Hosting due to our past experiences renting servers from other providers. Slow servers, capped upload speeds, and doggy panels are just a few things that we found wrong with other providers.

Our staff team is made up of server admins from public servers like the Kinetic Network. The backend of our servers have been built to be as user-friendly as possible, and we've made sure to avoid the pitfalls we found with other service providers.

We also have a growing backlog of tutorials to help guide you over how to set up your server and use our panel. If you can't find help there, our staff team is also on hand.

Want to chat with our team? Open a live chat or make a support ticket.

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